Why You Need To Take A Nap

I doubt I need to tell you to take time out and relax, anyone I know doesn’t need to be told twice. I am sure most days every human on the planet gets that sluggish feeling where all we want to do is switch off, however our society doesn’t exactly agree with that notion. Only recently did I realize the importance of taking a nap during my day, and honestly the benefits are tangible.

I lead a rather active lifestyle, I mean, it’s my job to be moving and active. A typical day would begin at gym for a 2 hour workout, followed by food and 8 hours of ballet. My body takes a toll after a while with the late nights and early mornings, eventually my mental alertness starts to dim. So after my early morning and my crazy workout, I come home and take a nap.

Why do I take a nap?

  1. I am more alert when it comes to my surroundings, making me safer on the roads and in public.
  2. I concentrate for longer and my memory is more accurate, focusing on getting my work and tasks done in a more productive fashion.
  3. Making better decisions and being able to switch between multiple decision-making areas has been a fantastic benefit of my nap time. I am able to stick to my diet and exercise routine better when I am well rested.
  4. I used to have the short-term memory of a goldfish, but lately I have progressed to the memory of a squirrel monkey. Which isn’t amazing…but it is an improvement.
  5. My friends and loved ones will definitely testify to the benefits of my short nap times because when your girl gets tired, she gets moody. Now I’m a Cancerian, we are already notoriously moody, so a good nap prevents me from biting someones head off.
  6. I have been more resilient to colds and flu’s because my body has time to rest and boost my immune system. I’ve saved a lot of money on medication.

I made the mistake of taking a nap for over an hour, when I woke up I was so groggy I could barely remember what my name was. To avoid feeling like you’ve just come out of a coma for an hour, I keep my naps to 20-45 minutes long. Trust me on this one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a nap.

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