Why It’s Okay To Not Know Your Purpose

My mind ponders the question; some days more intensely than others, what is my purpose in life? What am I meant to be doing with my days that will fulfil me and my role on this big rock?

Honestly I still haven’t found a settling answer and I have a sneaky feeling that I never will. When I got out of school I sat with a million different options in front of me. I have a passion for dance, the body, writing, psychology. So which one of them is my purpose?

There is Freedom in not knowing

I am the kind of person who finds it very satisfying to have every single step of the way mapped out before me. However, I have come to find that not having a clue about where I could be next has an exciting undertone to it. It reminds me that I can move myself in any direction that I see fit- the only thing I need is courage and perseverance.

There is no career

I often dread the question “So what do you do?” People associate a career with one of the options that are listed on a universities’ brochure. Anything that falls out of that category is regarded as temporary and null and void. Not pigeon-holing myself under a single title is liberating to me. Instead I have tried to integrate the things that intrigue me and that I have a passion for into my life in some form or the other. Yes, it takes up a lot of time. Yes, I am still struggling to sort out the logistics of how exactly. But I am trying. Because if having a “career” means pursuing one thing for the rest of my life, then I’m perfectly fine with not having one.

Living a curiosity driven life

Curiosity tells me to give it a shot, but fear of judgement tells me to stick to what I’m good at. I’ve begun pushing myself more and more out of my comfort area by taking tiny little steps into doing things I have never done before. I started taking yoga, tiny little step. I bought fish and chips from a rather questionable looking corner store in an obscure area; more like a leap, but they were the best fish and chips I’ve had to date. By putting myself out there little bit by little bit I have felt myself grow in my courage and in myself.

Let’s stop defining our purpose to one single thing and start thinking of it as a journey, a series of things that we are able to interchange as we change.




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