September Goals

I think I am slowly beginning to get the hang of this whole “creating goals” thing. However, with that being said, I kinda only accomplished two August goals…tehe. I know I am only sitting down and deciding on this month’s goals on like the 6th of the month.But I find it really difficult to set goals for a month until I’ve sort of gotten a feel for what the month will be like and how I am feeling that month.  So this is what I have decided upon based on how I am feeling:

1.Spend More Time Outdoors:

I spend a lot of time inside. If I am not at my desk writing then I am inside of a dance studio dancing. I adore nature and it definitely feeds into my soul in a way that I never truly appreciated until now. Only now that I have not been receiving the energy that I need from being outside, do I feel the impact that it has had on the way I feel. I find myself struggling for energy and refreshment each day. I am less inspired and excited and my spirit feels dull and bored. Ideally, if I could soak my feet into the soft sand of a beach each day I would. There is nothing that quite feeds my soul like the ocean. However, because I live in Johannesburg, the nearest park or garden will just have to do the trick.

2. Spend More Quality Time With My Loved Ones Over The Amount Of Time.

I love deep, soul-food conversations where I am able to share in vulnerability with someone I care for. I love being in the presence of the people I love, however if I am sitting on the couch next to them and scrolling through my phone; I am not spending time with them. This month I want to focus on assigning concentrated time to being with the people I love and growing the relationship and increasing the quality of the time we spend together. I want to spend less time passively wasting time next to them and rather focus on spending engaged and focused energy on building that relationship with them.

3.Drink More Water.

I only realized how much I felt like a dry tumbleweed when I took a big gulp of water after a workout, turns out your body can’t run on coffee. I know, I was sad too. So I need to begin watering my body a little bit more this month so that I can make up for the drought I went through.

So to sum it all up, I’ve realized that this month I need to treat myself like a really tricky house plant, similar to an orchid. I need to expose myself to more sunshine, feed myself wholesome, loving words and water myself more frequently. I guess that is fitting, considering it is Spring in my half of the world.


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