Meeting the Parents

When it comes to meeting your new guy’s parent’s, do I have some stories to share with you. I have done almost everything that you aren’t supposed to do in order to make a good first impression, so I figured that I will save you the same embarrassment by sharing my hard earned lessons with you.

  1. Don’t tackle his Grandmother over the table just because she doesn’t share the same affection that you do toward Labradors.

Don’t be too much of a people pleaser when meeting his family; this isn’t the movie Yes Man. You are allowed to have your own opinions and beliefs and you must be prepared to own them, however do not verbally (or physically if you’re really passionate) attack someone just because they have a different opinion or belief to yours.  Trust me, his parents can tell if you’re trying too hard to impress them and it won’t come across as genuine.

  1. Do not leave his parents wondering if they smelt bad because you did not come within 3 meters of them.

I am a hugger, I love hugs and cuddles and I just want to embrace the whole world, I can understand however that not everybody feels the same, some people feel very satisfied with a handshake or a friendly smile. Whenever I had met a guy’s parents I was so overwhelmed with the possible fear of poking his hug-loving father in the stomach with my handshake ready hand that I just ended up withdrawing all sign of affection.  Since then I have grown more confident in the fact that yes I am a hugger so get ready, no matter who you are, to be hugged the shit out of. Don’t stop being who you are just because you are meeting new people.

  1. Do not make the alpha female feel disrespected; she will ruin you.

Each male has a female protector within his family; usually it will either be his mother or his older sister. If you do not walk into their house and make that alpha feel like she is the shit, then believe me honey you can kiss your partner goodbye. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to tell her how great she is 24/7 and turn yourself into this meak little field mouse, no honey put that crown back on. However, you do need to respect the role that she has played in your partner’s life; no matter how great you are you can never step into those shoes. So chat to her about something that she has achieved, like that new career opportunity she just discovered or that amazing pottery course she just completed.

  1. Don’t assume just because you’re with him, that you get treated the same as him.

Don’t assume because he is the family favourite and he can go and slump on the couch with a full belly after dinner that you can too. Nope, get your ass up and go offer to help out where you can because whether you like it or not you are a guest. Even if they refuse to let you help, you definitely always need to offer your hand where you can. It doesn’t matter whether your partner does the same or not, you are the guest so you must offer.

  1. Do not whip out your CV within the first 20 minutes of conversation.

Yes we all have achievements and amazing things that we have done that we are proud of. But in this scenario… less is definitely more. I felt so intimidated by my one partner’s father that I felt like I needed to rattle off all of the things that I had accomplished within the first few minutes of eye contact as well as give him a concise list of all my references. Trust me, rather than going through that whole awkward situation rather let opportunities arise where you can naturally let your achievements and talents slip into the conversation. It’s so much more interesting and genuine when you discover more about people over time.

If you guys would like more advice on how to blow your new guy’s parents away with your amazing elegance and effortless class then I suggest you go and check out Matthew Hussey, on Youtube he’s a man whisperer and I would highly suggest you go and check his stuff out if you haven’t already.

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