How To Balance A “Balanced Lifestyle”

That’s the goal isn’t it? To reach this perfect state of equilibrium in your life where your attention and energy is divided equally among the many aspects of your life. I haven’t called bluff on that idea just yet…but I have realized one or two things on my journey of attaining that balance.

I found that when I was so focused on other people and meeting their needs and schedules consistently, I began to throw away my time and my energy, and I became flimsy with my own needs and emotional demands. I was so stressed about making sure that I was everything to everyone in my life that I stopped feeding into myself and the life that I was making them a part of. So recently I have decided to say enough is enough; to be stingy, and dare I say it, selfish with my time and energy. So I approached regaining a sense of balance in my life with a rather militant approach. Typical Mel style, crack open the colored pens and sticky notes and devise a schedule.

Step 1: Identify the different aspects that make up your life.

Family Life:

Making time for seeing my family members and spending time with them. As well as making sure that I am nurturing those relationships and creating new memories and experiences.

Social Life:

Not only going out and meeting new people and expanding my network, but also nurturing and growing my existing friendships and ensuring that I am a consistent friend.


I want a family and children one day, so taking the time to invest in a relationship with someone is a big commitment. It requires a lot of time and energy and needs to be nurtured intimately.


I have a wonderful job, but a very time consuming one. In order to achieve what I want to achieve in my career I need to be on my A-game 24/7 and really push for my best each and every day.

Studies and Personal Development:

It is important to me that I am always developing my skills and knowledge, this often requires time and money. As well as putting in energy and work into doing well.

Physical Health:

Making the time for mindful eating and preparing healthy meals in advance. Taking the time in my week to exercise and keep my body active.

Mental Health:

Carving out “me time” and ensuring that I spend time discovering more about myself and what I need.

These aspects can vary from person to person, but it is important that I identified what they were and also what exactly each one entailed.

Step 2: Figure out different ways of combining each aspect to make them more manageable.

+              +              +             +

+         +           +        +


You could go hiking on the weekend with your partner or your friend group. You can spend time with your family and your partner over dinner. You can tutor people in your field of study. You can even jog on the treadmill whilst answering emails. There are so many ways you can squeeze in both aspects if you find you are pressed for time.

Step 3: Decide on how often you need to prioritize each aspect in your week and plan your schedule.

So I sat down and looked at my average every-day schedule. I then decided how often I would like to focus on each aspect during my week and I then slotted those aspects in around my schedule.  When I say focus, I mean devote specific time toward that aspect, not just giving it a little bit of attention whilst doing the dishes. It was a lot harder than it looked.

= 2x per week               = 1x per week              = 4x per week

= 5x per week           = 5x per week                = 3x per week

= 2x per week

After I had decided on how often I needed to spend prioritized time on each aspect, I then decided where each aspect would fit into my average week comfortably. I understand that life gets messy sometimes and things need to be rearranged and reshuffled. But I have found that when I know how many times I need to make things a priority in my week, it helps me to keep things balanced. I am more aware of when my life is unbalanced and which aspect of it is needs my attention in order for me to feel more peaceful and fulfilled.

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