God Wants This For You Before A Relationship

I am a huge fan of personal development. I like to think that I am rather proactive about my growth in all areas and aspects of my life. When it comes to relationships, be it friendship, business partnerships, romantic relationships, I feel like I am always able to grow when it comes to my knowledge and wisdom in managing those relationships effectively.

God warns us to guard our hearts and have wisdom when it comes to discerning what is helpful or detrimental to us. What may be beneficial in one season of our lives may be irrelevant in another. I sought enlightenment on relationships recently when I had bought a book about dating and all the do’s and don’ts of a relationship. You know those typical “get the guy” books that litter the shelves everywhere you go. As I finished reading the first chapter which consisted of a general opinion of “do not show this person how much you feel and use your heart! Instead act completely disinterested.” I stopped. Surely this is not what God had in mind for my relationships? Surely He did not want me to overthink everything so much and be so cautious of my actions? I was not seeking Godly counsel on this topic. Out of all the different aspects of my life, my relationships with others was the most fundamental one, so how could I not be seeking The Creator’s advice on it ?

I placed the book down next to me, picked up my phone and started aimlessly scrolling through Youtube, and God placed His counsel directly in front of me in the form of a preaching series on relationships. Transformation Church created a series titled #RelationshipGoals, and I really needed to hear those words of wisdom. Scripture and how it is explained in this series opened my eyes and my heart to how God intended relationships to look like. And not only that, but also how we are able to follow through with God’s plan and His word in order to get the most out of our relationships with others. Therefore, slowly developing healthier and more Godly relationships in our lives.

Now who wouldn’t want to learn that?!

So do yourself a massive favor and take a bit of time right now, perhaps before bed or even on your lunch break to listen to the first sermon in this series that just left me craving more. I pray God ministers something to your heart that you have been waiting to hear.

Enjoy !

No seriously. Watch it.

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