Deskspiration Organization

Pushing through the second half of the year can definately be tough and I really am struggling to stay motivated and inspired in my work as well as my personal life. I have 50 million things to do because all of the things I planned in the first half of the year, now need to be executed…damnit overly ambitious New Year me ! And let’s not even begin to talk about my personal life; drinks with friends? I mean do I really want to leave my bed? What about that important social event coming up? I don’t even have a proper schedule so that I could say “let me check my schedule”.

So I put my foot down and said enough. I am going to hop onto my decor ideas board on Pinterest and look for a few inspirational desk pics and get my life in order. Here are my top 5 must- haves for feeling re-inspired and reorganized that you can buy right now just by clicking on the cute little pics :

  • A Desk-Top Planner:

I used to be a journal/diary girl but I found it such a slight inconvenience to keep having to open and close this book continuously just to see what my week looked like. So I converted to a desk-top planner that sits on my desk so that I could have a look at everything I had to do in my day and my week ahead at a glance. Not to mention I can easily edit things and scribble in notes super quickly.






  • A Cute Workbook:

I enjoy having designated books for certain things. I have the most adorable polka-dot A4 workbook with the little phrase “Do what makes you happy” on the front. I resonate with the phrase and therefore that book is where I brainstorm all of MelloMel’s ideas and take down all of my notes, because MelloMel makes me happy! Why not go and find cute books or design your own workbook cover and designate a book to each topic/project. That way when you resonate with the look and feel of your book it really makes it easier to actually work in it.



  • Fun and Quirky Stationery:

I LOOOVEEE stationery ! Sometimes it is all about simply tricking your brain and when I have super cute stationery, all I want to do is find something to write or something to make a list on so that I can use my sparkly pen! It’s a really fun and subtle way to give yourself a little bit of incentive to get the job done.





  • An Inspirational Journal:

I am also a human with feelings and dreams and so I don’t see why I should only focus on the organization of my work  and not my mind. So I bought a a small little A6 book and I place all of my inspirational and goal-worthy pictures into that little notebook, by creating this little scrapbook of dreams I am also organizing my mind and refocusing it on achieving what I want to achieve and manifesting them into my reality. If you want to learn about how to literally turn that little collage of images into your every-day circumstances then go ahead and read this blog post. 




  • Greenery:

I sometimes feel really isolated and numbed by staring at concrete walls the whole day at my desk. I like to find really bright and unique pot plants that I can place on my desk and my surroundings in order to keep me grounded and feeling fresh. Surrounding yourself with lots of different plants has so many benefits not just to your mental health but also to your physical health, here is a little advice if you’re lost on which plants you should get depending on what benefits you are looking for. 






The first place that we are able to create a sense of peace and order to our lives is within our own home and space. So if you are feeling uninspired and slumpish, start by looking around you and seeing where you can inject small doses of energy and life into your everyday surroundings. What do you do to feel organized?

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