Beginning a New Season in Your Life

I am sure you have experienced the change in seasons, how the trees slowly go through their cycles of growth and decay. I believe that in our lives, we also go through seasons; we also go through periods of growth and decay. The only thing that causes us such anxiety is our seasons don’t have definite periods, sometimes they are very long and sometimes they pass in the blink of an eye. You never know what season is around the corner, will it be growth or decay?

We prepare for our change of season. We go and do our winter shopping as well as our summer shopping, because we know that the next season will inevitably come. The seasons that we go through personally also have a similar forewarning. Very often the seasons that we have experienced beforehand have prepared us for the one ahead.

I am currently going through a very new and unexpected season in my life, and this is the thing that surprises me about life. You think that you are in a routine and life is just ever so mundane and you can sort of outline what your future will consist of and then BAM! You find yourself sitting there a week later with your life on a completely new trajectory.

Beginning a new season can be incredibly daunting, because of the fact that we have no clue how long that season will stick around or whether or not we will be able to see it through. A season could be that of moving into your first place, where you can sort of estimate its length and feel excitement over the process. However, another season could be that of bankruptcy or heartbreak. Where you have no idea where the end even begins or what you need to do in order to survive it.

Mindfulness and Meditation may sound like a big old bunch of hogwash, but if enough people are preaching about those two words then believe you me it must work in some way. There are only two things I am certain of as I face this next season; The first is that this new season is here whether I like it or not, you determine if it is one of growth or decay. And the second is that I need to turn it into a season with at least some fruitfulness, whether that is personal growth or a lifestyle change.

So in order to do that, what I like to do is when I experience the sudden beginning of a new season I will describe and picture what it is that I want the experiences within this season to look like and what I wish for my outcome of this season to feel like. By focusing my mind on what I do want instead of what I don’t want I will send out that energy and attract that positive outcome. Well that’s the idea at least. I really want to help you guys if you are going through a season that is new and challenging, so here is this quirky little outline that I personally love to use to write down your manifestation and you can keep it nearby in order to review it each day of that season. Just pop your email into the box below and it will appear in your mail box.

Feel free to get in touch with me and tell me more about the season that you are going through and what your journey has been so far. I’d love to hear from you!


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