August Goals

As I walk into the second half of 2018 I find myself being in two minds ; I am excited to see all of the plans and hard work that has been cultivated in the first half come to fruition in the second half. However, I’m kind of over it, I’m ready to clock off of the 9-5 and start doing my Christmas shopping.

July was a very busy month with lots of new changes and very painful beginnings. I am walking into the second half of 2018 with a completely new mindset and routine to what I began the year with, life is funny like that huh?

Now, I’m not really a very goal-orientated person. But, I figured that goals are never a bad thing to have especially in a time where you feel like you are trudging through life instead of skipping through it. So let’s give this a shot by starting small.

  1. Practice Affirmations and Visualization each day:

I have recently picked up the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne I was wonderfully surprised at the way she describes using affirmations and visualizations to forge the life that we wish to lead. Each day I want to practice affirming what I want in my present and visualizing my future in order to take back my future from fate’s tight grip.

  1. Be diligent in getting my butt to the gym:

It wouldn’t really be a goals list if there wasn’t some form of fitness aspect now would it? I am generally a rather active person; however it takes a little bit more effort than what I would like in order to convince myself to lift those weights. Now I’m not expecting myself to just float out of bed and into the gym with a beaming smile on my face. But I would like to look less like I want to murder everyone I see and their dog when I am on the treadmill.

  1. Find my hair’s groove:

I have a rather bubbly personality and gosh darn it I want hair to match. But no matter what I have decided to do with my hair, mostly because I am bored, I just can’t seem to find a style or color that screams Mel… so I’m partnering up with a kickass Cosmotologist and Trichologist to regroup and rethink my hair and it’s groove.






I am going to write down my goals down and place it somewhere where I will see it every day so that I stay focused on achieving them.

Are you going to set your goals for this upcoming month?  You can write them down on this gorgeous template that I created just for you so that you can feel inspired and fabulous every day, My Goals Checklist

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