5 House Plants To Improve Your Health

I absolutely adore being surrounded by nature, I feel so much more grounded and refreshed when all I see is green. However, many of us live in large cities where it is not always possible to be surrounded by plants. The air that we breathe each day  is filled with pollutants and nasty organic compounds that can really take it’s toll on our health in ways we often don’t notice. But by bringing in a few of these house plants into your home you can boost your decor as well as improving your health.

1.Spider Plant:

The Spider plant helps to reduce the pollutants found in homes from your building materials. This plant loves indirect light and humidity, so placing it in a nice hot room will be best for it. Some people prefer the wild look that this plant has when hanging due to the fact that the Spider plant has the ability to grow other little Spider plants below it. However, if you wish to go for the more tame look rather place this little guy in a nice pot on a table.


I don’t think I have ever been to a spa that didn’t have a lavender scented something in their range. Lavender has wonderful aromatherapy properties and its scent invokes a sense of calm and reduces stress! The Lavender plant requires full sun and you don’t need to water it a lot, but when you do water it make sure you water it well. The purple pastel color of lavender looks gorgeous against many color palettes and decor schemes, making it the perfect plant to add to the look of your room.

3.Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a very bitter-sweet plant. Peace Lily is poisonous and should therefore not be around pets or cats. On the other hand, it has so many incredible benefits, such as removing VOC’s ( volatile organic compounds) as well as toluene and xylene from the air… now I don’t exactly know what those fancy words mean but wowza they do not sound good. This stunning plant needs partial sunlight and it well tell you when it needs water by drooping its leaves slightly.

4.Snake Plant

The Snake plant has a lovely green contrasting colors on its long thick leaves and it has a slightly glowing appearance when healthy, just like we do. This little plant improves your air quality and is great to keep in the bedroom; due to the fact that it converts CO2 to oxygen at night. The Snake Plant is so easy to grow and needs bright sunlight…just like we do.


I’m a sucker for succulents. These little plants improve the sir quality in the space around them as well as having very relaxing effects on their owners. What I love about succulents is that they come in as many shapes,sizes and colors as you can conceive! Making it so easy to find one that suits the exact vibe and style of the room it’s in. They can live anywhere and are so easy to take care of, just make sure they are in a nice warm room and you don’t over water them. You can place these little guys in almost anything- a vase, a pot, a cup, a shoe, you name it. So get as creative as you can with them.

My top tip for not killing plants:

Try to place each plant in a space that simulates their natural growing habitat as close as possible.

What lovely plants do you have in your home?

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